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Banyan Tree - A sad story for customer experience

Covid makes traveling and enjoying the world harder than ever. Luckily, in Vietnam, we, the hodophiles, at least have the luxury of traveling within the country. The current situation helps us to focus more on local tourism.  We chose Banyan Tree ( more information here ) as one of our destinations due to the famous beauty of Lang Co seaside. Banyan Tree is also trusted as the group has experience in the hotel industry for a great amount of time. Despite all the facts and Banyan Tree’s reputation, our trip there surprisingly turned into our worst nightmare. We planned to have a 3-day-2-night stay at Banyan Tree starting from the 9th of March. The trip started when the resort team did not receive the information of our arrival and we had to call to remind them before we fly. As soon as we complained, we saw the hotel crew’s effort to win back our experience. Big thanks to our villa manager, Ms Lan.  Nem l However, all her work was destroyed when we discovered the dish “Nem Lụi” we had o